Pa11y is developed and maintained by people from many companies. We’re very grateful to the organisations that support us in making Pa11y better, and we’d love for you to join them. There are lots of ways to get involved.

Active development

The most direct way to contribute to Pa11y is to write code! We’re always interested in your solutions to problems or ideas for new features. Donating your developers’ time to an Open Source project is a great way to show the world that you care about software quality. It’s also a great way for your developers to improve their skills - not just in writing code, but also in technical communication, writing tests and documentation, and understanding different workflows.

Providing feedback

Pa11y needs to be able to meet the needs of the companies that use it. You can help us meet your organisation’s needs by telling us what works and what doesn’t. Although we can’t make Pa11y tailored to your organisation, with your help we can make it more broadly useful to a wider range of companies, including yours. We want to hear about how you use Pa11y, and about how you’d like to use it. We use Github issues to track bugs, feature requests, and discussions, so please get involved.

Talking about Pa11y

If you’ve successfully deployed Pa11y in your organisation, you can help us by telling the world about it! Tweet to us at @pa11yorg to tell us about what you’re doing. Consider publishing a post on your company’s developer blog about how Pa11y is working for you, and what you’re doing with the information it generates. Perhaps you’d like to encourage your developers to speak at conferences or internal presentations about how and why they implemented Pa11y.

More people hearing about Pa11y means more people participating in the project, so having organisations and representatives talk about us helps us to make our software better.

Physical space

At Pa11y, we want to be transparent and plan in the open. Although our planning is publicly documented online, we also need to meet up offline to make sure we’re still on track and that we have a broad consensus over the roadmap, architecture, and general policy.

Our meetings are open, so anyone can come along, and we need high-quality, accessible spaces as meeting locations. If your organisation has space that can meet our needs, please consider hosting a Pa11y meeting!